As the US election draws to it close an article in The Illuminati Watcher written in the name of Weishaupt discusses the Hegelian Dialect which maintains that no matter who we vote for those in control stay in control, and that this applies to Clinton and Trump as both are tools of the New World Order Illuminati just as were Obama and Bush before them.

The theme that a secret knowledge has been passed down through the ages from the Egyptian Masons and their knowledge of sacred geometry to Pythagoras to the Freemasons of the Founding Fathers is prevalent in my book The Royal Secret, and in the new 3 minute video at YouTube: –   The Royal Secret Shakespeare the Truth –  in which the connection via Shakespeare to today’s Spop culture and dubious political candidates is revealed and the terrifying means by which those of The New World Order of today seek to lead us blindly into the elimination of the majority of the world’s population, through our own mindless and immature behaviour fed by the fantasy distraction of non-stop leisure and corruptive entertainment.