Trump is still with us. What the rump will bring is more in doubt than ever. Will the FBI investigation expose Trump as in league with Russia or somehow under their thumb due to past business dealings?  Does it matter?

Perhaps the best promise we got from Trump was that he would pull back the US from the continuation of aggressive military action the world over, particularly against Russia, where a new friendship was to be sought and the old concept of Russia as the eternal bogeyman was put aside. It is that promise which has brought about the greatest resistance to Trump from those who seek to depose him, whether for the reason Trump is manipulated by Russia, or whether to pursue it whatever the outcome as suits the military/industrial complex of the US to continue to create and profit by an artificial adversary in Russia.

The Royal Secret shows the origins of the New World Order and its concept from centuries past. That of controlling the world by a single power. The aim for some is a peaceful non-violent world, but for others a means to profit for which end the lives of billions may perish, not just as result but as a deliberate strategy to reduce populations to save the world and its resources. The Royal Secret links the distant past to the present and the future demonstrating the dangers that lie in front of mankind more than ever today and which have been long foreseen but withheld from public gaze. The subject of Eugenics today has been tucked under the rug since the days of Hitler’s Nazis but has not been ignored by certain of those in power today behind the scenes who covertly pull the strings of Trump, as they did Obama and Bush and Clinton before. A dramatic resolution will be needed to avoid mass immigration and worldwide revolution.

The Royal Secret sets out the background to this scenario told in a parallel tale by a modern day woman who in seeking her own truths stumbles by chance on the same truths sought 400 years ago by the world’s most famous writer, but known to the world by another name. A mask to disguise his identity as a Prince and heir to the throne of America, and too his illegitimate birth.