Trump’s surprise election resulted in his opposers fury in his possible thwarting of their plans. Their ultimate aim of a one world order controlled by the US (or rather by a covert organisation using US military might and NGO corporation expansion) was baulked by Trump’s initially stated strategy to desist from overseas military escapades and to make friends with Russia.   There is little doubt that under Hilary Clinton the US was prepared to bomb the Assad regime out of existence in aiding its Saudi allies and their ISIL accomplices to instal a new US friendly stooge president, as in the Ukraine, and with it a new Saudi oil pipeline in Syria to replace that of the existing Russian source.  US action would almost certainly triggered a war with Russia, at the very least in the immediate area, which Obama had backed away from in the face of Russian superior communications jamming technology.  Not so Hilary and those who control her, but she did not have her day. Trump did and his token one day attempt to bomb a Syrian airstrip resulted in no damage whatsoever to Syrian aircraft or the Russians or even the airstrip!

So without Hilary the covert CIA controllers have needed to continue their aims to get rid of Trump by hook or by crook in an effort to destroy his reputation with slurs of having spoken to Russians (as if this was a crime in itself as it is seen in paranoid world of the CIA and their military pals whose jobs and wealth relies on having a bogeyman enemy whether real or not.)  Under constant daily attack Trump has stood up well since he has the confidence of knowing the majority of US voters plugged for him against the covert and seedy politicos who secretly run the US as if they own it and in contempt of its people; as the people know very well and why they voted as they did.

Despite Trump’s almost laughable pomposity he is at least seen to be human, and nobody’s stooge as was Obama, an ex CIA trained puppet, while the Clintons would kiss anyone’s arse to line their greedy pockets. Particularly those of big business and Saudi Kings.  We must all hope that Trump will win his battle. Especially Europeans who will be in the front line of any war, whether nuclear or cyber, since the US will never commit ground troops to Europe as in the past and the Europeans are no match for Russian tanks. Trump has made no secret of his links to Russians in the past but now on the basis this is seen somehow as traitorous he is having to back off a while be seen to toe the CIA line. Clearly his life is in danger from those who oppose him and so he needs be seen as a brave man if not a fool in his bravado since he is not so stupid to know the capabilities of his foes who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. Ends that after centuries are coming so near to fruition in world control in a digital interconnected world in which all are spied on by the Googles and Facebooks and Microsofts who owe their allegiance and very existence to the US government in exchange for information whenever called on in the name of US security.

Let us pray that Trump lives for a while at least.  It gives time to comprehend the coming 5G threat to our lives and how the digital revolution will render us all slaves in all but name to those who seek the power of God himself.