Shakespeare was in effect a revolutionary of the Renaissance. His plays hid many messages revealed only to those with the intelligence to understand their hidden meanings relevant to their times. The name Shakespeare was a front for Francis Bacon and his team of writers, many of them spies on behalf of Elizabeth 1st and a number of them homosexual or bi-sexual as was Bacon. The bilateral code used today in computers was the invention of Bacon and his first lover the Queen of Navarre when Bacon was seventeen years of age.

His intention was to use his plays to extend the English language and give it more meaning to the English by using concepts from Greek  and Roman times to increase knowledge and understanding of nature and of humanity and its characters.  “All the world’s a stage and all the people in it actors.”

Above all Shakespeare tried to show the many sides of men and women in his dramatic plays of romance and tragedy. To let us understand the truth of good and evil and to promote justice and free speech and free thinking. Today we have had the Internet to hugely widen that scope for all, but it is not a means of communication welcomed by governments who seek to control opinion to suit themselves and abolish criticism. This is what we see in front of our eyes today on TV and in the newspapers. The propaganda of the West to influence our views on states with whom our governments wish to treat as enemies. Russia for instance and the endless wave of false news put about by the UK government of Mrs May culminating in the affair of the Skripal poisoning in which Russia has been condemned without a shred of evidence.

Forgotten is the English code of honour of needing to prove guilt. Mrs May’s actions are one of the lynch mob. Forgotten is the wisdom of England’s greatest writer and philosopher, whether he be William Shakespeare or as I prefer to believe Francis Bacon the great Elizabethan philosopher, scientist and statesman. Whoever he was the antics of Mrs May as Lady Macbeth and her clown Boris Jonson as Bottom would have not just turned him in his grave today but given great material to jest at their ridiculous but parlous actions. Perfect for  a tragi-comedy but in today’s climate who would be bold enough to write it?