Trump delivers a time bomb to Germany with radical changes in US policy.

Pro-Brexit. Anti-a German dominated EU. Pro Putin. Anti NATO. Anti War!

Now Mrs May wants a new globally minded UK out of the single market and EU trade restrictions.

The EU  monolith was arrogantly preparing to punish the UK but now it finds Trump loving May.

Mrs Merkel has lost the  US support of Obama and without it she is down to her knickers!

With the US decreasing NATO support and proposing the EU pays for its own defences Germany has no nuclear capability that can threaten Russia while the UK and the French do. Without them Germany and all the Eastern EU states that hang on the German coat-tails and give Merkel her EU votes are fucked!  So we are now seeing the end of Merkel.

So much is about to change in Europe when realisation dawns and those who seek to punish the UK will need sensibly to be friends.  It may take a little time but it will come to pass and we will need see a new vision of Europe without German domination,  and as an ally of Britain.