Oak Island has many stories and theories linked to that of its alleged buried treasure but few go back in time far enough to understand the incredible importance of Oak Island if the treasure said to be buried there is found.

In The Royal Secret the true story is told of the Knights Templar journey from Israel, taking with them King Solomons Treasure and Moses Ark of the Covenant, to France and then after their expulsion there to Scotland and from thence to New Scotland (Nova Scotia) following an ancient Viking sea route imparted to them by the Lord St.Clair seigneur of the mysterious Roslyn Chapel. It was in Nova Scotia that they became known as Acadians (or arkadians) and from there to Louisiana where they became known as Cajuns for their French speaking and cooking.

If found the treasure could well reveal the tablets of the Ten  Commandments of Moses and the true principles of Christian religion stemming from Egyptian Hermeticism rather than the Roman Catholicism espoused by St.Paul’s version of Christianity. The tablets when discovered deep underground by the Templar monks in Jerusalem changed their religious outlook to that of Dualism as became practised by the Knights Templar including acknowledgement of the Devil and Devil worship in rituals which are similar today to those practised by the Freemasons at a very high level of the 32nd Degree. The tablets are said to confer wisdom which is to be known only to the very few which enables them to hold power over the world.  Virtually all US Presidents from Jefferson on have been Freemasons.

To read the entire history of the Egyptian roots of the Templars thru Christ to the Tudors and the US Founding Fathers to today see the faction novel The Royal Secret at www.theroyalsecret.info