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“Nothing for Something”. The Banker’s motto.

Interest rates are rumored to rise by 1/4%! To savers who have been lucky enough to get more than 1% from their banks these last seven years this extra one-quarter per cent will mean they will get $1,250 more a year on a $500,000 investment; after tax just about enough for a day out for [...]

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Revolution. and “the thief sees the thief in the mirror.”

Revolution is in the air.  Round the world people rebel against austerity.  Inequality becomes obvious when you cannot properly feed your family, and inequality is the prime cause  of revolution as without money and a home and food there is no place to go than to rebel.  Whether in a US, where figures show the [...]

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Are Governments dishonest? Or the people who vote for them?

The problems for new authors to establish themselves are immense in a competitive market. Anything new or out of the ordinary is rejected in the race for profit regardless of its import for society other than to whet its appetite for sensuality or violence on which quick profits can be made. The book industry is [...]

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Whatever happened to sex?

"Whatever happened to sex?" is the title of an article I recently posted on The Royal Secret Pearltree site, to be found, along with three others, under the heading of "Politics of Freedom".       The other three were "The Fall of The Unipower" ,"A Continent of Losers" and "1% of the world own 50% [...]

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United Nations propose #Internet #censorship of the Internet

Fresh from appointing Saudi Arabia to head the UN Human Rights panel the UN  now wants to control the Internet on the basis of women's rights in stopping online harassment of women by men! Coming from a nation that finds reason to forbid women to walk alone in daylight, or to go out at all [...]

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Population and Immigration

The problems now facing Europe from immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are similar to those which the US has faced this last few decades from Mexico, except that in many respects the European problems are self-made and are now overwhelming the means of control. In the not so distant past Europe's own [...]

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