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Brexit and the NWO

The New World Order (NWO) is once more in the news big time. Is Brexit part of NWO plans? No -it has seriously upset them by surprise. The EU was designed to be part of the one world government plans along with the imminent TTIP trade deal and an EU army, so to gradually encroach [...]

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The Bard is Bunk. Know your Shakespeare.

The 400th Anniversary of the death of a man from Stratford is celebrated round the world this week yet he is the wrong man. He was not the person who wrote the works in his name but a substitute, a pseudonym or mask for the true writer Francis Bacon. Why then is Mr William Shakespeare [...]

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#Shakespeare 2016 Anniversary #BBC and #PBS

This year 2016 is the 400th anniversary of the death of  William Shakespeare the man who allegedly gave his name to the works of Shakespeare but did not write them!  The myth of the so called Bard of Avon is still perpetrated today by those such as the BBC and PBS and many schools and universities [...]

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New book exposes #Shakespeare sex scandal

Shakespeare was a SHAM.  Don't be fooled.  The truth is out at last! The new 4ooth Anniversary novel The Royal Secret out now in print and digital ebook thrillingly reveals the true Shakespeare from secret codes decrypted by top US intelligence cryptographers. A bastard birth and a murderous Royal mother who disowned him. A sensuous [...]

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What do #Shakespeare – #ISIS -FBI – CIA- #Illuminati- have in common?

Shakespeare was in reality a masked name for a genius who Freemason President Thos Jefferson called the greatest man in the world.  A statesman, scientist, scribe and spy!  He was an original founder of America and the  writer of "The New Atlantis" and it's New World Order ideal on which the US Constitution was based. [...]

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#Shakespeare – #Beyonce – #Lady Gaga – #Rihanna Madonna -Rihanna and the all seeing EYE!

What has the "all seeing eye" seen on all US$1 bills have to do with Shakespeare and a host of celebrities??? It has become the latest symbol used by Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce. A secret occult sign of Satanic, Templar, and Masonic origins, from the far Egyptian past of ISIS the mother of [...]

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#Shakespeare #Anniversary $Scam- the Big Lie?

The life of William Shakespeare, as known to the public as the writer of the works of Shakespeare, is very largely a myth created not only by the true writer to conceal his own identity but by those since to today who have had a vested interest in perpetuating a false picture for their own [...]

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Terror and #Royal #Secret’s Secrets

Having written posts on this blog in the past concerning #terrorism in the world at large and man's inhumanity to man, as much now as it has ever been, I have decided to discard them as part of a past history since events today move rapidly and the present is past in just days as [...]

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The #Shakespeare Sham

The continuing refusal of many Shakespeare enthusiasts to come to terms with the evidence that William Shaxper an actor from Stratford was an imposter who could not even write his own name legibly, let alone a letter,  may be seen to be perplexing to Shakespeare newcomers. That the problem arises even with the most august [...]

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Shakespeare is Bacon (by Susan Roberts)

Susan Roberts is a life-long supporter of Francis Bacon and all his many great works and essays, on numerous subjects of philosophy, science and nature to which he directed his genius. Susan is also a believer that Francis was the writer of the Shakespeare plays and sonnets, which Bacon himself needed to deliberately conceal, at least [...]

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