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Shakespeare the Skripals Mrs May and Putin

Shakespeare was in effect a revolutionary of the Renaissance. His plays hid many messages revealed only to those with the intelligence to understand their hidden meanings relevant to their times. The name Shakespeare was a front for Francis Bacon and his team of writers, many of them spies on behalf of Elizabeth 1st and a [...]

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Oak Island Treasure and the Knights Templar

Oak Island has many stories and theories linked to that of its alleged buried treasure but few go back in time far enough to understand the incredible importance of Oak Island if the treasure said to be buried there is found. In The Royal Secret the true story is told of the Knights Templar journey [...]

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Davos, Free Speech, Soros, Popper and the Internet

Geoge Soros has recently at the Davos meeting of "the great and the good" stated that it was time the Internet came under the control of governments particularly those elements such as Facebook and Google who he claimed were influencing peoples' thought processes. Karl Popper the 20thC philosopher once said that "too much tolerance in [...]

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Trump versus the Rest

Trump's surprise election resulted in his opposers fury in his possible thwarting of their plans. Their ultimate aim of a one world order controlled by the US (or rather by a covert organisation using US military might and NGO corporation expansion) was baulked by Trump's initially stated strategy to desist from overseas military escapades and [...]

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The Royal Secret Quiz

The Royal Secret quiz is now closed to entry and winners have received their prizes.

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Trump’s Rump

Trump is still with us. What the rump will bring is more in doubt than ever. Will the FBI investigation expose Trump as in league with Russia or somehow under their thumb due to past business dealings?  Does it matter? Perhaps the best promise we got from Trump was that he would pull back the [...]

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US Election and Illuminati

As the US election draws to it close an article in The Illuminati Watcher written in the name of Weishaupt discusses the Hegelian Dialect which maintains that no matter who we vote for those in control stay in control, and that this applies to Clinton and Trump as both are tools of the New World [...]

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9/11 and Shakespeare: the Shameful Shams

Strange bed-fellows it may seem but there is a direct link between the two. Not only is 9/11 now seen by many as a cover-up created by New World Order neo-cons in the US to justify an excuse to wage global war anywhere it wants under the allegation of anti-terrorism, but Shakespeare was also a [...]

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The Black Knight.com

This is to recommend the BlackKnight.com as a fascinating and informative site on the Templars. It is created by Tony McMahon and has a great comment capability for those who like joining in Templar discussions and learning or adding new information and Templar tales. The reason why the Templars are so important to our lives [...]

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Brexit and the NWO

The New World Order (NWO) is once more in the news big time. Is Brexit part of NWO plans? No -it has seriously upset them by surprise. The EU was designed to be part of the one world government plans along with the imminent TTIP trade deal and an EU army, so to gradually encroach [...]

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