At last the true America has spoken and overcome the conniving Washington self selecting establishment surrounding the Clintons and the Bushes who have contrived to fool the US public for so many years.  Hilary’s bluff  has been called. The people have seen through her lies and the world is a better place without her and her warmongering views, and those of her military/industrial big business supporters, and of her evil Saudi friends who fund ISIS with Hilary’s support. A truly fantastic win for the honesty and courage that it took Donald Trump to win.

President Putin has been the first to congratulate Trump on his win, and now we can have real hope for a new future of peace between the great powers and the ending of American aggression bent on the destruction of its alleged enemies, and an end to the stupidity of so called liberal views that have caused so much trouble in the world that were no more than paranoia and mistaken beliefs in the nature of man.

Let’s too hope that it will mean that Europe will need face up to itself and not follow like sheep a warlike America, and also come to terms with a Russia that has no desire for war, and so replace aggression with fair trade between fellow Europeans. The election of Trump is a turning point in history. One which gives hope to see the world a better place with a new chance for peace for future generations.