In all the shock of Brexit there has not been any mention of how this brave move by the British public may have serious consequences, not just for the UK but for the EU and certain sectors of the USA.

The established powers that be who effectively rule the USA whether they be Republicans or Democrats have been caught off guard by both the Trump and Brexit phenomenon. Neither fit in with their long-term plan in which the US, and the EU (and UK) sacrifice their sovereignty in favor of a New World Order (NWO) of one-world government which “they” will rule assisted by multi-national corporations, mainly those from the US IT, oil, engineering, media and big pharma sectors.

They being a nucleus of those from the US CFR (Council of Foreign Relations and its British equivalent the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. Its members include most past US presidents including both Bushes, Clinton, Carter and many more as well as the everlasting Dick Cheney. Its ideals stem from those of Cecil Rhodes a brilliant 19th Century entrepreneur who saw a vision of a world controlled by Anglo American interests, whether by trade, politics or force, or all three.

So covert are their activities mainly through the agencies they control of the CIA and FBI and so disinformative that the public at large, and indeed many in politics have no idea of the reach of their tentacles in not just these agencies but the military and the secret services of the USA, and most probably of the UK.

The concept of the NWO  is not new. From the Romans on to Merovech and Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler the idea of a world controlled under one authority has come and gone. Its concept was one more latterly stemming from Freemasonry as revived by the Elizbethan Francis Bacon and his setting of the blueprint for the US Constitution in his book The New Atlantis, a utopian ideal for the new and then virtually unoccupied lands of America.

It is long since then that the CIA was born in 1947 and headed up by John Foster Dulles in 1953 to decide that the NWO concept should be extended by US power only (and not the UK) as a means to control the world, if necessary by force of arms or any other means.

Other means include trade agreements such as TTIP now circulating around the world pushed by big US corporations and Obama but which have stalled from opposition within some EU states, notably France and its general antipathy towards all things American.

The constant attempts at regime change time and again by US governments across the middle east and in the Ukraine and the effort to displace Putin and anyone who may be friendly towards Russia have deliberately caused havoc and a massive refugee crisis across the world from Afghanistan to Iraq, North Africa and Syria.  All this so that the US may delineate the world map to control its oil supplies from the Arab states and disrupt Russia’s supplies and economy.

So how come Brexit and Trump have upset the NWO applecart? Trump hs openly declared he will get friendly with Putin and reduce support for an agressive NATO run by US NWO neocons while Brexit is the UK public showing it wants no more loss of sovereignty.  In fact it wants back what it has lost to the EU just as Trump voters wants the jobs back their bosses gave away to the Chinese.

The NWO are deeply imbedded with immense power and will not be moved from their long term plans easily – if ever- to rule the world and subjugate all people to its concepts which are those that of superior intellect ( qualified by wealth) will rule the stupid and if necessary get rid of them by any means.  They are unlikely to be those of war but more subtle as time goes on as my book The Royal Secret reveals, and more sudden and devastating. Elizabeth 1st warned her son Francis Bacon “uneasy is the head that wears the crown”.  Trump be warned. Assassinations are not the prerogative of ISIS.