I am due to visit Caen CHU this week for an operation and will not be out until the results of the 11th December vote on Brexit has been made. I can only hope that some sense other than fear brings the politicians to the truth that they cannot vote against what the public have asked them to do. To Leave the EU.

That it has proved so difficult to do so is not just the unwillingness of the EU to let the UK go without continuing to hold the reins over its trade but to  do with the duplicity of Mrs May in playing her cards behind the backs of the British people and her own colleagues in her mistaken belief that the problem to be solved is immigration rather than sovereignty.  That recent figures show no drop in immigrants from non-EU countries after Mrs May’s six years at the Home Office is an utter indictment of her inability and deceit whereas the skills we do need from EU immigration are now on the wane as Brexit looms and the EU residents of the UK run back to their home countries.

That there is no alternative to her Brexit deal as Mrs May claims then why is this so? Why have not negotiations with the US and the Commonwealth and English speaking nations of two billion people not been taking place these past two years if for nothing else than to give the UK some negotiating leverage with the EU? It is shameful by any standards but far worse if it was a deliberate policy as it now appears to be with the constant removal of all those who advocated alternatives from their jobs while May closeted herself only with her husband and a few YesMen such as the dimunitive Liam Fox and the simpering Michael Gove  and other deadbeats.

This week we are told that it has been impossible to draw up any future agreement since it cannot be done legally until the UK leaves the EU, but at the same time the legally binding Leaving agreement for which we are to pay £39 Billion or more includes a whole lot of restrictions on UK trade outside the EU which Mrs May vehemently denies while President Trump says will not enable the UK to trade with the US. Much the same applies to Mrs May’s statement that the UK will regain its old fishing rights in UK waters which President Macron has immediately said will result in retaliation by the French as the Dutch have also said.  While in addition today it appears Mrs May has refused any disclosure of the government’s legal advice on the terms of Brexit since it appears that to sign it may be illegal under British law. So who is lying?  It is the simple question since does the British public really want to be governed by a single woman (or man) who cannot be trusted by anyone?  Who plays games of concealment with her own ministers and the electorate on such a vital issue? The answer is clear. No – it is absolutely unacceptable and May must go.

Whoever is to replace her must ensure the UK leaves the EU and start all over. Whether it is bluff or arrogance or self-delusion the EU nations will find out every bit as quickly as the UK that closure of borders will bring as much chaos to Europeans as it will to the UK. The French food and wine exporters will be up in arms – literally- since their farmers own the big ferry boat between the UK and France which would be redundant. As no doubt will the Spanish tourism chiefs along with those in Portugal and Italy and the German car manufacturers whose economies will be destroyed, let alone the fear that will be instilled in the Brussels bureaucrats with their jobs and pensions suddenly in doubt. Who is to pay for them? Not Germany nor any other EU country most of whom are on the verge of bankruptcy.

So the UK must now make its call. Take fear and accept Mrs May to remain in thrall to the EU forever or to Leave as the people wanted and to take on the challenge of the global world. Who was it that started world trade? – British entrepreneurs and seamen.  Where did the industrial revolution begin?  Britain.  Who invented the Internet’s World Wide Web? An Englishman. Who established the world’s largest empire built on trade?  The British.

Now is the time to renew the challenge. There are no laurels to rest on any longer.  The British must gird their loins for a new challenge as vital as any in the past and go once more into the breach against their European rivals. Be proud of our achievements far greater than any European nation in a world that today speaks English. Go to it now. Get rid of the weak-kneed May and go to it. December 11th is the day.