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Killer bugs return to the Dark Ages

News of AMR or antimicrobial resistance that could cause social disorder and economic collapse is back in the news with a UK government warning that there is a 1-2 to 1-20 chance of hundreds of thousands dying in the UK from un-treatable viruses in the next five years! So says PM David Cameron announcing the [...]

By |April 6th, 2015|Current Affairs, The Royal Secret Book|0 Comments

The Big Bang Theory – Busted

The Royal Secret has several references to the world of parallel universes and infinity relating to the possibility of the immortal soul; a subject which has been written about and believed in down the ages from the Pharaohs on. But for years now modern scientists as whole have put forward the theory that a big [...]

By |March 24th, 2015|As Seen on TV, Current Affairs|0 Comments

BBC Wolf Hall – The concluding episode

The concluding episode of the BBC's Wolf Hall at last showed some excitement of drama in the execution of Anne Boleyn and her alleged lovers in order to restore Cromwell in the King's favour. The whole series showed a fearful and gloomy existence at the Court of Henry when in fact Henry was a jovial [...]

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God and silly Stephen Fry

Re the silly comments by Stephen Fry today designed to draw attention to himself once again. As Judy Burchill says so succinctly Fry is "the stupid persons idea of an intelligent man". As for God all intelligent people down the ages have recognised that the Universe was created by a power, which since it has [...]

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A Story of an Extraordinary Elizabethan Man

The Royal Secret is in effect the story of human existence since the time of Homo sapiens, centered on the life of one extraordinary Elizabethan man at the time of the beginnings of science, linking all of mankind's intelligent past to the present day. Consequently the book deals with almost every human eventuality and psychosis [...]

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Wolf Hall BBC

Great to see the Tudors back on TV and the BBC / Hilary Mancel version of Cromwell. But sorry to see that Rylance was mis-cast for the part of the hard nosed Cromwell and that Cromwell does not, as yet, seem likely to be portrayed as the man who, along with Henry 8th, did as [...]

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Free Speech & Charlie Hebdo

The Charlie Hebdo massacre was taken by the West as a cause to show resistance against aggressive Islam but it failed to address the hypocrisy of free speech in the Western world. France itself has very strict libel laws which, for example, enabled Prince William to sue a photographer who had uninvitedly taken a photo [...]

By |January 16th, 2015|Current Affairs|3 Comments