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Trump and the rest

It is now over the 100 days of grace which Presidents are expected to show their voters some green shoots of their prospectus strategies. No President has done so more than Donald Trump in the time period, and no President has been offered less grace or more resistance by a minority opposition who still forlornly [...]

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Naked Merkel – Trumped!

  Trump delivers a time bomb to Germany with radical changes in US policy. Pro-Brexit. Anti-a German dominated EU. Pro Putin. Anti NATO. Anti War! Now Mrs May wants a new globally minded UK out of the single market and EU trade restrictions. The EU  monolith was arrogantly preparing to punish the UK but now it [...]

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US Election and Illuminati

As the US election draws to it close an article in The Illuminati Watcher written in the name of Weishaupt discusses the Hegelian Dialect which maintains that no matter who we vote for those in control stay in control, and that this applies to Clinton and Trump as both are tools of the New World [...]

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9/11 and Shakespeare: the Shameful Shams

Strange bed-fellows it may seem but there is a direct link between the two. Not only is 9/11 now seen by many as a cover-up created by New World Order neo-cons in the US to justify an excuse to wage global war anywhere it wants under the allegation of anti-terrorism, but Shakespeare was also a [...]

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Brexit – Trump and unseen dangers

In all the shock of Brexit there has not been any mention of how this brave move by the British public may have serious consequences, not just for the UK but for the EU and certain sectors of the USA. The established powers that be who effectively rule the USA whether they be Republicans or [...]

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Australia – Brexit and the NWO: US colonies?

Malcolm Roberts, a new Senator in the Australian parliament is reported by the BBC today to have written recently to the Australian PM to say he believes that the US are trying to impose a policy of the New World Order of one-world government on Australia, using climate change and trade deals to undermine Australian sovereignty. [...]

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The Black Knight.com

This is to recommend the BlackKnight.com as a fascinating and informative site on the Templars. It is created by Tony McMahon and has a great comment capability for those who like joining in Templar discussions and learning or adding new information and Templar tales. The reason why the Templars are so important to our lives [...]

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Brexit and the NWO

The New World Order (NWO) is once more in the news big time. Is Brexit part of NWO plans? No -it has seriously upset them by surprise. The EU was designed to be part of the one world government plans along with the imminent TTIP trade deal and an EU army, so to gradually encroach [...]

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Brexit Hurray!

Time for a real change in the world and Brexit will bring it. The EU will need change as the UK had proposed or it will collapse in the stultified fascist bureaucracy of Germany and France and achieve nothing but more misery and poverty from the austerity of the arrogant EU taskmasters of Merkel and Shauble. [...]

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The Bard is Bunk. Know your Shakespeare.

The 400th Anniversary of the death of a man from Stratford is celebrated round the world this week yet he is the wrong man. He was not the person who wrote the works in his name but a substitute, a pseudonym or mask for the true writer Francis Bacon. Why then is Mr William Shakespeare [...]

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