Malcolm Roberts, a new Senator in the Australian parliament is reported by the BBC today to have written recently to the Australian PM to say he believes that the US are trying to impose a policy of the New World Order of one-world government on Australia, using climate change and trade deals to undermine Australian sovereignty.  Was Brexit a means to ultimately destroy a powerful EU and to bring the UK under greater US control as an offshore extension of US power?

Brexit may have been accidental in that the British did finally get sufficiently aggravated by an unelected EU having supreme supranational powers over the lives of British citizens, or it may have been deliberately encouraged, and so suit US motivations for one world government. Those who criticised Brexit such as George Soros are often those who say one thing in public when in secret they mean another.

Brexit will most certainly impoverish the EU and the UK both politically and economically and if London’s business as a world finance centre is to go elsewhere it is more likely to land up in the US than in the EU, particularly the financing of Fintech issues which Los Angeles would take up in its proximity to China, Japan and Asia.

What has this to do with The Royal Secret story? It is simply an extension of the NWO strategy formed centuries ago by the Freemasons and Illuminati to control the world under one law and so one police force, one army and one government.  Perhaps not so bad an idea in our world of continual strife but not so if those few who control the world are those who seek to profit from it at the expense of the masses, particularly large corporations who have the power over life and death. Those such as Monsanto or Glaxo whose chemicals control food supplies and drugs on which the public are reliant, such as antibiotics, which can be used selectively simply by adjusting the price as to whom may benefit from them or not, and in doing so can effectively ensure the death of billions of people wherever they may want to do so if plague or crop failure was to happen naturally or worse to be deliberately introduced, perhaps as some say the South American Zika virus has been.

The US have been intent on regime change throughout the world for the last several decades, based largely on a plan devised by the head of the CIA, John Foster Dulles, from the date of its formation in the 1950’s.  The result of CIA policy can be seen today in the catastrophes around the world in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Chad, Tunisia, Yemen, the Ukraine and Syria, and the huge disruption this is causing to European states by mass immigration.

It was the US Prime lending banking crisis in which European banks had been sucked into buying dud US loans which caused the austerity measures which have so destroyed the EU economies, and it is now the oil and resources crisis that is wrecking the Australian and Russian economies. Yet it is the US who benefit most.  The $ rises endlessly against all other currencies.  US businesses buy up foreign rivals on the cheap and pay few taxes in countries outside the US. Communication technology is almost primarily controlled by the US with all those anywhere in the world using Facebook or Microsoft or Google being exposed to any US government agency who might want to snoop on their life. The same applies to the banking system where the US control the SWIFT money transfer system.

It is time the Europeans came out in the open and declared to their citizens the truth of the levels of control  the US has over them by all and any means including the stationing of arms, and troops and nuclear devices.  Good that it has taken an Australian to say what it takes to start the ball rolling, if he is ever allowed to do so!