Strange bed-fellows it may seem but there is a direct link between the two. Not only is 9/11 now seen by many as a cover-up created by New World Order neo-cons in the US to justify an excuse to wage global war anywhere it wants under the allegation of anti-terrorism, but Shakespeare was also a fake name and person to cover up the originator of US New World Order- Francis Bacon – the son of Elizabeth 1st of England some 400 years before.

Bacon founded the Freemasons of which he was head under the title of Knight of  the White Helmet. It took as its origins from the first Egyptian Masons and builders of  the Pyramids who were then, and now, considered as mathematical geniuses of a higher order which many believe came from the arrival of an alien race later to seen as the origin of Homo Sapiens. Their extreme intellectual capacity was believed to be handed down through an ancient bloodline via Mary Magdalene, grand-daughter of Queen Cleopatra, to the Tudor King Arthur,  to the Tudor Elizabeth 1st, and to the Knights Templar who when disbanded eventually became the Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

Bacon deliberately hid his identity under the ancient icon of a Shaken Spear of Knowledge held by the Greek Goddess Pallas Athene. He also utilised the same name for a man from Stratford to use as a subterfuge to hide his own connection to the plays written in the Shakespeare name as he was a writer of more serious essays and import. Among them the book The New Atlantis which was taken as a blueprint by the US Founding Fathers for the new lands of America of which Bacon was an original founder. (of Virginia and Carolina).

Both the New Atlantis and the secrets set down in Freemasonry writings contained knowledge which massively influenced the Founding Fathers of whom the great majority were Freemasons, who in turn designed the architecture of Washington to reflect that of The Temple of Solomon wherefrom came the Knights Templar and their traditions and codes of practice, including that of the secret geometry used by the Masons who built the Pyramids to establish a New World Order of conduct for a world governed under one single government.  An ideal pursued since by the Romans, Charlemagne, various Popes, Napoleon, Communism, and Hitler, all of which have failed.

This however has not deterred those in secret power structures and societies today from following the same single dream regardless, as with those before them, of the consequences of massive death and destruction in the many millions, or even billions, seen as a small price to pay to obtain the ultimate goal of peace in the world brought about by a single law and order government to suppress any views in opposition to it.  This now is why 911 occurred to excite popular opinion enough to provide the excuse for those who secretly control the US to wage war wherever and on whoever they want at any time, and to overthrow governments in the process under any pretext.

Did Francis Bacon intend this degree of violence? Not from his works or plays in which he shows himself as philosophical idealist and believer in the ultimate power of nature as God.  But those in power today believe they are Gods who can abuse nature to obtain their aims. With the power of nuclear weapons in their hands and of chemical weapons and many other means (as The Royal Secret suggests) the lives of everyone are in danger.